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Sarah's Tent
Pali Mountain Retreat
Rabbi Judith
© Joy Krauthammer

Top standing L>R
Gale, Ahavah, Ruth, Sal, Linda, Heidi, Eileen, Shayna, Bambi, Eli, Bonnie
Joy (added), Perla, Ruth, Rena, 
Lisa, Leonia, Tamar, Rabbi Judith, Marilyn, Miriam, Judith

© AvivaBell
Batya, Judith, Joy, Avina, Arlene

Savina Teubal, Joy Krauthammer
Sarah's Tent Awards dinner

Sarah's Tent
Malibu Retreat 5.7.2017
Retreat because Rabbi Judith HaLevy is retiring from MJC&S

Joy Krauthammer and AriellaShira Lewis
Simchat Chochmah - Joy of Wisdom workshop leaders
display banner for video recording presentation. 
© Lisa Motel

Sarah's Tent
Malibu Retreat, 5.7.2017
with Rabbi Judith HaLevy
© Lisa Motel

top row
camera lady, Arlene Shapiro, Gerry Owen
lower row L>R
Ruth Belonsky, Ruth Rubenstein, Shira Solomon, Judith Somerstein, Leonia Kurgen, Karen Wurtzel, Sarah Weber, Batya Malick, Marilyn Elias, Miriam Stein

Present & Missing from partial group photo
Rabbi Judith HaLevy, Joy Krauthammer, AriellaShira Lewis, Zena David, Ahavah Brooks, 
Lyn Austin, Eileen Ettinger, Bambi Wilchik, Bonnie Leopold, Heidi Davidson, Gale Trachtenberg, Jane Goldberg, Linda Owen, Linda Zweig, Lisa Motel, Shayna & Eli Lester, 

Missing from retreat
Amy Segelin, Frank Wurtzel, Helene Silber, Jean Katz, Karen Golden, Laya Tamar & John, 
Leslie Mayaan, Lois Rubin, Mia Zafran, Mike Berger, Nessa Perman, Perla Abrams (Argentina), Alicia Magal (Arizona), Barbara Zacky, Cheryl Weiner (Florida), T'mimah Ickovits, Ralph Manheimer, Rena Wander (Assisted Living), Fay Lavoy Block, Vivian Feintech, Nancy Weiss, Sal Loveman. 
(Diane August?, Terri? members?)

Sadly Missing of Blessed Memory, z"l, 
Savina Teubal, Bob Rubin, Toby Plevin, Marilyn Berger, Joan Freeman, Myra Diamond, Renee Lemkey. 

Sarah's Tent
© Joy Krauthammer 

Malibu Retreat, 5.7.2017
Ruth Belonsky, Rabbi Judith HaLevy, Lyn Austin, Lisa Motel, Gerry & Linda Owen, Ahavah Brooks, Arlene Shapiro, Eileen Ettinger, Bonnie Leopold & Heidi Davidson, Eli Lester, Ruth Rubinstein 

Sarah's Tent
© Joy Krauthammer 
Malibu Retreat, 5.7.2017
Sara Weber, Rabbi Judith, Heidi Davidson, Jane Goldberg, Batya Malick, Lyn Austin, Lisa Motel

Sarah's Tent
Malibu Retreat, 5.7.2017
Joy Krauthammer
"I Am A Holy Vesse" poem
© Lisa Motel

Sarah's Tent
Malibu Retreat, 5.7.2017
Shayna Lester
Sarah's Tent tallit
Loaned to Linda Z for her healing. 
© Joy Krauthammer 

~ ~ ~
Sarah's Tent recently wrote a page for Rabbi Judith's Malibu Retirement Gala Journal, June 2017 
Purple hearts circle the blesSing from Rena Wander for Rabbi Judith
shared weeks before beloved Rena's passing. 
"I wish Rabbi Judith as many blessings tenfold as she brought to all of us."

Gratitude from Joy Krauthammer seen in bottom section. 

"Rabbi Judith HaLevy’s departing words and blesSings to us each in Sarah’s Tent when she left for her Malibu pulpit were personalized for each of us.  Rabbi Judith’s mandate to me was to ‘go out and share my joy and that is what I’ve done these couple continuing decades-- as teacher, writer, poet, musician and artist, and most recently in the last few years as a Nature Photo Walk guide, revealing the Face of G*d. Thank you Rabbi Judith for sending me OUT of our Tent and IN to Lech Lecha / to go to myself."

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