Sarah's Tent Reunion Retreat

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Enjoy photos from the 
SARAH's TENT  Reunion Retreat
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue
with Rabbi Judith Halevy and Sarah's Tent chevre

We truly missed everyone who was not present on this joyous day.

Women came far from Orange County, Palm Springs, Rolling Hills, Northridge & Sedona, AZ.

Breakfast and then lunch and then birthday cake, snacks, and chocolate covered strawberries...
& halavah parve ice cream. Heaven arrived.
Thanks, Lisa, for the best caterer! No 'pot luck' today!

Marilyn, Fay, 
Zena, Miriam, Lois, Batya

Shayna, Linda, Ruth, Nessa, Judith, Lynette

Ahava, Bambi, Karen, Barbara, Mia, Alicia, Lisa
standing rear
Shira & Rabbi Judith

Barbara, Ruth, Karen, Judith, Marilyn

Rabbi Judith Halevy

The Beggars

Shira's birthday and yummy carrot CAKE baked by Marilyn Elias.
Thank you Shira for the Sarah's Tent VIDEO with Savina Teubal, z'l.
So much shared love.
Happy Birthday SHIRA

Sarah's Tent art project: HAMSAS
HANDS and Hearts give and receive.

Hamsa Hearts by Joy
Hearts within Hearts
as Sephirot are within Sephirot
This Omer day 15 is Chesed sh b'Tiferet
Lovingkindness day in the week of the Heart

Bambi's Tree of Life
This day is also Earth Day.

Inside & Outside

Hearts and Flowers by Shayna
Eli & music meditation
& song creation
Words by Sarah's Tent for Eli to create a song from prayer.
Thanks, Miriam, for your 'gift' of writing on the board!



Joy & 
crystal & Tibetan singing bowls
© Yda Z.

Sarah's Tent gathers in sacred space under our Shechina TALLIT
Shechina's wings above Sarah's Tent encouraged us to fly.

We celebrated Simchat Chaim - the Joy of Life! with Rabbi Judith HaLevy.
What are the joys and challenges of this coming of age time? 
With the words from "Lech Lecha", that Savina Teubal wrote from Torah 
for her 60th Simchat Chochmah celebration, 
how do we bring joy to our lives and share our wisdom?

Above photos and collages shared with love and blesSings
by Joy Krauthammer ©

View the Savina 2005 video created by Shira
 that we watched at the Reunion Retreat
Thank you, Michael, for posting video on You Tube.

BlesSings for a Refuah Shleymah, a speedy and complete healing, 
to our friends Ahava, Arlene, Ruth, Rena, and Rod.


Sarah's Tent chevre brought photo albums and framed collages for all to enjoy.

Thank you, Mike, for donating with love, the filled photo albums from Marilyn, z'l.
~ ~ ~

Sarah's Tent members gathered together 
Kabbalat Shabbat Walk

Eileen, Judith, Linda, Nessa, Leonia
Joy and Tibetan Singing Bowls

beneath Comments
for photos of our beloved chevre.

This site created by one unofficial individual, strives to reflect the kavanah of the non-profit organization, 

Sarah's Tent: Creating Shelter for Jewish Spirituality

and the

Rabbi Judith Halevy

 Sarah and the Shechinah by Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, z'l



  1. joy,
    these are WONDERFUL....
    thank you for taking them and for posting them with the subtitles....
    wonderful memories.....and blessings abound.
    love, shayna

  2. Fabulously fabulous, Joy...
    cameras within cameras within cameras...talent within talent within talent...

  3. So awesome.
    You all look so different and yet the same... a few folks I don't know.
    Thank you so much for sending these out and thinking about taking them to begin with!
    Thanks to all the event planners and manifesters!
    A virtual hug from afar...

  4. Thank you Joy for always being the recorder of the lives within the Tent.
    Your craft is deeply appreciated as are you.
    Love you

    Linda Zweig

  5. It was so wonderful to be together. Thanks Joy for capturing this very special day.

  6. Thanks Joy.
    Sorry to have missed the event.
    Thanks for the photos---lovely.
    AND congrats for your efforts on manifesting such light in your own world.

  7. Joy
    Thanks so much for documenting our lives & our sacred community.
    You are a Blessing.
    Much Love & Light
    Lois~Raphaela Aurleey

  8. Thank you so much for those gorgeous photos, Joy.
    We know, "a picture is worth 1,000 words" ... truly.
    On a day that emphasized NOW,
    you recorded it for us in magnificent glory,
    with talent and verve!
    Love, Marilyn

  9. Your WEB Blog is fantastic!!!!!
    Many Bessings and Love,

  10. That was a wonderful day... went by like a minute!
    Great to see you again... we missed those who couldn't be there.. it was kind of wistful.
    blessings and many thanks,

  11. Thanks Joy.

  12. And we had a GREAT photographer who captured the JOY of this day.
    Love, Marilyn

  13. You are so talented
    and thank you for doing this for me and Sarah's Tent.
    You are sooooooooooo very thoughtful.
    Best, Ruth

  14. Dearest Joy - I love the way you organized this...
    no idea how you did it. How can I save it? You are amazing!

  15. Thank you all so much for a wonderful day.
    Love, Judith S

  16. Dear Chevre,
    Although I was on Catalina Island with my brother and sister-in-law (visiting from South Africa) on Sunday I was thinking about Sarah's Tent reunion. It is so wonderful to have these special pictures to enrich the feeling of connection. Thank you Joy!

    What incredible memories and experiences it evokes of being part of a community that touched my life in such a powerful way.
    Blessings, Love & Light to all of you,
    AriellaShira Lewis

  17. Dear Sarah's Tent sisters,
    Can I even begin to tell you all how moving our reunion retreat was!? Creative, delicious, colorful, with deep re-connections among us all. I really needed to drink at our "well" after these years of serving as sole rabbi of my community. What a reminder of Rabbi Judith's ability to touch our souls... and also have fun! Will we get to hear a song that came out of our session with Eli?

    hugs to you all. I'm so grateful!!

  18. It was a day that took great effort.
    My heart was filled with renewed heart connections of those I expect to be on my train all the way to the end.
    B'shalom v'ahavah,

  19. I am so sorry that I missed the Great Reunion.
    My mother recently passed and I am having a very difficult time adjusting.

    Love to you all and health,
    Helene Silber

  20. Thank you, sweet Joy.
    Catching up on the Reunion and viewing your pictures.
    Love to you!

  21. Dear Sarah's Tent Sisters:
    It was great connecting and sharing our spiritual selves with each other.
    I especially want to thank Rabbi Judith for her insightful teachings. They sent light and wisdom straight into our neshamahs.
    Let's drink at the well again soon.
    Fay Lavender Levoy

  22. It has been said and re-said so very well. I cannot find better or more meaningful words.
    i want to add my thanks and great appreciation to the people who worked so hard on making this very special day a reality.
    For those who came it was great to reconnect in our special Sarah's Tent way.
    And for those of you who were not able to be present you were missed.
    Blessings and love,

  23. Is there anything left to say that has not already been said? - except thank you to all who made this special day possible?
    Hiney matov umanayim, shevet achim gam yachad
    Perhaps next year in Jerusalem - but definitely
    next year in Malibu??!
    Blessings and love,

  24. Thank you so very very much for the beautiful day we had last Sunday.
    Such love and caring as the members show to each other does not come by every day.
    I am very proud to be part of such an organization.
    Love xxx

  25. Wishing everyone a beautiful Shabbat.
    For all who were at the retreat it was wonderful to spend holy time together.
    Those not there you were missed.
    Thank you Rabbi Judith, Lisa, Shira, Joy and all participants for a wonderful day of learning.
    Barbara Zacky

  26. beautiful pictures...thank you

  27. Joy, I just finished the blog, every word including Rabbi Judith's marvelous speech to the Board of Rabbi's.
    You have such a wonderful heart and mind and spirit, my friend.
    Thank you for being you and bringing the light into the world so we can all bask in it together.
    Love, Linda

  28. The BLOG is WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks so much for all of your efforts.....

  29. lisa, we want to say ‘thank you so much’ for the beautiful day that you put together from the lovely invitation to the lavender tablecloth’s, orchids and beautiful catering. it is obvious that you put a lot of thought into creating beauty around us and in our stomach’s for our sarah’s tent retreat/reunion.
    we also want to say thank you to Rabbi Judith for creating a very interesting and deep sharing among us ‘old’ tenters. for us, it was good to be back in the old groove....
    thank you, shira, for providing the great slide show of our ‘former’ selves....always wonderful to look back on all the great fun we had together. and, how young we were!!!
    and, finally, thank you, joy, for the great pictures of us as we look today....they serve as a wonderful memory for us to look back in the future on this day....
    our love to all,
    eli and shayna

  30. Dear Sarah's Tenters
    I read each word that all of you so beautifully expressed.
    It is an honor to work with each one of you, and to be a part of this community.
    Eli – the song is fabulous. PITCH PERFECT.
    Thank you again to Lisa and Joy, and all who labored to put this together.
    L'shana Haba'a b'Malibu.
    Much love,
    Rabbi Judith

  31. I am so in awe of the photos from the Sarah's Tent retreat day and I am so sorry that I just could not get there.
    I worked the night before and got home near 8am and went to sleep.
    So I had dreams of my Sarah's Tent sisters dancing and singing and in study with Rabbi Judith.
    It has taken me this long to put words on paper/computer to say how sad I was for missing this incredible day.
    I am grateful for the all look marvelous..and for the documentation that Joy and others have provided.
    I love the hamsa hand art project...removable is nice.
    May each of you continue learning and living in the light of Sarah's Tent.
    Bonnie Leopold

  32. Joy,
    The site is REALLY BEAUTIFUL.
    Thank you for all your dedication to keep the ST family linked together not just in "heart" but in actuality.
    The site is fantastic.

  33. Dear Judith,
    Only you could have given us this outstanding Retreat.
    Only you could have brought us back to our roots and reason for being.
    No wonder people from all over the country used to come to L.A. looking for Sarah’s Tent, surprised we were small in number
    but “writ large” in what we accomplished.
    Thank you for the warmth & love & the thought provoking work of “Beggars” that you brought to the day. Unforgettable!
    Eli, your teaching was a part & parcel of what made the day a success, and that “song” those words are so touching and remarkable too.
    You are and always will be a foundational part of Sarah’s Tent. Thank you so much.
    Lisa, thank you for making everything all around us beautiful, more, much more than I expected.
    All that great food, I’m not complaining I’ll lose those pounds in a month or two… but all the organizing, everything. A fine job. Thanks.
    Shira and Joy and Shayna, it was wonderful and all I can say again is “thanks” to all that participated.
    With love,

    Rabbi Alicia, my friend, your book,” FROM Miracle to Miracle,” is so involving that I can’t put it down to go to sleep. What a Story.
    I’m so glad your mom finally allowed you to write it.
    With love & thanks, Batya

  34. What a sweetness it was to be with you and your voices in song as you sang the Mishaberah to me from your hearts.
    I have enjoyed the outpouring of sentiment and acknowledgment and appreciation in your beautiful messages going out on email.
    May you be blessed like me.
    Love, Arlene

  35. Eileen EttingerMay 4, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    Dear Joy,
    So sorry I missed the retreat. Had a previous engagement on the east coast.
    I'm glad it was so uplifting.
    Hope all is well. Thanks.

  36. I am in awe! so wonderful to walk into Savina's living room again.
    This (video) is precious and beautiful and touches my soul.
    Thank you to all who put the time and energy into this vision.

  37. Dear sweet Joy
    WOW, what an incredible creation you have worked so hard to put together for all of us to enjoy.
    Thank you so is precious and a Legacy for all of us STers.
    Much Love & Light & With Peace & Many Blessings,


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