Toby Plevin, z'l.

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Dear Chevre,

When our beloved Toby Plevin, z"l, was being treated, we friends in Sarah's Tent and Makom Ohr Shalom came together and had a healing day for Toby.

Below is the framed collage that I had made for Toby, composed of photos from the day for Toby, filled with Torah and energy healing. For Toby, I played the crystal and Tibetan Healing Bowls shown in the bottom right.  Was this in 2000?

The silk hand-painted pillow near the lower right I had brought back to Toby from Israel.
El Na ReFa Na La. That healing pillow filled with love went to the hospitals with Toby.

The photo of Toby standing over the Torah (with Orly) in center near top, is on display, 8x10" framed, at Mt. Sinai Memorial Parks. The staff appreciated my donation expressing it was most meaningful of all their photos. The photo tells a story of struggle, life and Torah.

Friends encircled and embraced Toby, which she loved. Toby was open to love. Love you, Toby.
 - Joy Krauthammer

Toby Plevin and chevre's Torah healing circle
Makom Ohr Shalom and Sarah's Tent friends
photos and collage by Joy Krauthammer ©

Personal Memories

One Shabbat, I was so thankful that I was alone with Toby Plevin, z'l, on a Friday night in the hospital and I had Toby all to myself.  I gathered up grape juice for kiddush blesSings and rolls for hamotzi, and found Shabbat lights, and we had Shabbos.
And Toby sang the blessings as only Toby could sing. My kishkes still feel it.

Toby's last Chanukah, I went over to her home with a menorah, candles, and fun eyeglasses. Wearing the glasses, everything you looked at had a hundred twinkling Mogen Dovid shaped twinkling lights. Her chandelier was exquisitely twinkling and made Toby laugh and smile and enjoy. I left those glasses with her. A large showy fun blue menorah I brought with me, I plugged in and that also gave us lots of twinkling. And then Toby cried and cried on my right shoulder as I embraced her. 

One night I left my husband's, z'l, month long plus hospital to go to shul, and there was Toby to embrace me on my left as we sat together. She called me the next day to tell me how special it was to have me with sadness and difficulty on one side and another friend celebrating her happiness on another side. Toby was in the middle, the Tiferet, the heart space holding us in balance together.

One Sunday in LA, I brought Toby to a favorite dance place, a place of freedom of movement.  That day Toby quickly left the dance floor, and as I embraced her, she cried and cried.  I have never returned.

Chevre, remember when Toby's sister came from Italy to do a movement workshop with us?
It was good that we could all be together.

May Toby's memory be for blesSings. May her soul soar, as did her song.

    love, shalom and blessings to you, Joy

Chevre, When I can find and scan a good photo of dear Toby, I will post it here.

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