Post Retreat Letter to Chevre

April 27, 2012

Shalom Chevre, 
A few years had passed since Sarah's Tent had an event and had gathered. (Thankfully for the last few years, the Lesters and Owens generously and lovingly opened their doors to chevre on Shabbat, and we could also attend Shabbat in Malibu with Rabbi Judith.) It was 5 years since our Matriarch Savina, z'l, died (6 1/2 now), and a couple years since our beloved Marilyn, z'l, died, and longer since member, dear Toby, z'l, died.

Where had we been on our Tree of Life journeys since then? 
Where are we? Where are we going?

Chai / 18 months ago on High Holidays 2010, I told Rabbi Judith my strong vision: that I mamash / truly wanted us Sarah's Tenters to come back together with a reunion, a day-long learning spiritual Retreat with her as our guide. Judith agreed. Sadly, shortly after, her mother, z'l, died, thus I waited months until this last December 2011, and then asked Rabbi Judith if we could make a plan. Consciously with kavanah, I chose the date, April 22, 2012, immediately following Pesach when we are in Omer on Chesed sh b' Tiferet, and would enter a Rosh Chodesh that evening, and it was Earth Day. I sent out the request to Sarah's Tent and within two days, two dozen of us responded to assure Rabbi Judith that she would have her minimum group. We were more than doubled for her needs. That felt good.

Once we were committed, I thought to myself that, maybe because I was not in any 'official' position to take charge and purely out of respect, I should ask Sarah's Tent former leadership/membership if they/you wanted to manifest this 'baby'. I was grateful that Lisa ("former president") accepted and chose to continue and make our day happen! What a beautiful day Lisa arranged for us all.

I was happily surprised in the retreat's prior week to be asked to participate during workshop time with my crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and accompany Eli on his guided meditation for us. I was also pleased to see that Shira showed the terrific video she had created for Savina's celebratory evening, Summer 2005-- the event that our leadership had lovingly created. I was happy to see that chevre brought in photos to view. I was happy to see that friends had physically travelled from far as they had said they would. I was happy to hear from Rabbi Judith following lunch, about the funds balance in Sarah's Tent account. and how it needs to be used.  Chevre has been asking and wanting to know about our balance of funds. Former leadership has answers.

I would love to see us Sarah's Tenters have reunions on an annual basis and if not, every other year. Seeing and hearing about our personal journeys (Simchas, Sorrows, Successes) could add uplift and inspiration to the future reunions, the way we used to weekly check in with each of us out loud as we began each class, and pass the 'talking stick' to the next.  (We had an opportunity to do this during the retreat's delightful breakfast and lunch time, but with limited chevre.) Sarah's Tenters could chose during scheduled time to share their prepared 'gifts' with us, as did Eli this year. Remember when Rabbi Judith mandated us to continue with our gifts into the universe beyond the Tent?

What worked well for this retreat, and what would you like to be/have/experience at the next retreat?

Many of us used to attend Aleph's Kallah. For the last Kallot, I was one of the few Sarah's Tenters who attended. I have been the only Sarah's Tenter to attend Aleph's Ruach HaAretz. With this absence of greater retreat participation, I think it is important for us to continue to gather because we care about each other and our Sefirotic Tree of Life. We are chevre.

My gift to us this week is creating a new website with mostly our current Retreat photos, your comments, and also photo collage memories of beloved Savina, Marilyn and Toby. For all of our years together for the last two decades, I always had prints made of my photos which I joyously gave to every Sarah's Tenter who was in the photos. Now I am on-line.

I invite you to again view the Sarah's Tent web posts if you have not seen the additions. Enjoy the link to the Savina video. More links in Savina's post.  

What happened to a web site that Sarah's Tent had used around the time that Savina died? Could that link be sent out again to us?

Last December I updated our Sarah's Tent directory and continue to send updates to everyone to help make it easier for us to stay in touch with each other. I have requested that every Sarah's Tenter take responsibility to see that all names are included. It is sad when someone is left out.

Remember that you can always find out what's happening in LA's Spiritual Jewish Baby Boomer world by opening the current JOYous Chai Lights.

Love and BlesSings for chevre, memories, health, wholeness, shalom, revealed miracles, and joy,
JOY Krauthammer
"Serve G*d With Joy"

"The Divine One is The Source of Joy. To be joyous is to be connected with the Source.
One who is connected to the Source IS joyous!"   - Reb Sholom Brodt

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